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Norplex-Micarta is pleased to announce that is has acquired the CYPLY® product line from Solvay.

CYPLY® is a registered trademark of Solvay

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NorPLY™ 1002 laminate is a cured glass epoxy composite material based on a unique, nonwoven, parallel filament construction. This type of construction minimizes filament stress that can shorten fatigue life in conventional reinforced plastics. NorPLY™ 1002 uses continuous e-glass filaments.

NorPLY™ 1002 is supplied as cured flat panels. Panel sizes up to 48″ x 72″ (1220mm x 1830mm) are available in thicknesses ranging from 0.030″ to 2.0″ (0.76mm to 51mm).

NorPLY™ 1002 is available in unidirectional, crossply or isotropic fiber orientation, each offering a different balance of properties.

NorPLY™ 1003 prepreg will soon be available for fabrication into various high performance applications such as retaining ring insulation for power generation and leaf springs for transportation applications.  


– Vibratory springs

– Insulated rail joints

– Dock shelter staves

– Flexible couplings

– Shocks and struts

– Furniture springs

– Insulations spacers

Why NorPLY™

– Excellent fatigue life

– Weight reduction

– Less downtime in harsh environments

– Greater capacity to store energy than 1060 spring steel

– Increased design options (springs to rail joints)

– High impact strength

– Chemical and corrosion resistance

– High strength-to-weight performance

– High strain capability

– Low notch sensitivity

– Resistant to cleaning fluids

NorPLY™ Authorized Resellers

Norplex Advanced Composites supplies NorPLY™ materials through a network of Authorized Resellers.
These companies stock material and provide other services.
We encourage you to contact one of these partners directly for your needs.

903 E. 13th St.
Wilmington, DE USA 19802
Phone: 302.652.3621  

365 Keyes Ave
Hampshire, IL USA 60140
Phone: 847.683.4400
Toll Free: 800.541.0251  

330 Commerce Circle
Sacramento, CA USA 95815
Toll Free: 800.742.3444 

In Europe:

Magistrů 1275/13
CZ-14000 Praha 4-Michle, Czech Republic 

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