Practical innovation at every stage of the product development process

We’re big fans of practical innovation – the kind of innovation that helps solve your specific problem or that makes for a better process. This means we want to help you advance along any (or all) stages of the product development process: the design phase, material development and selection, and process innovation.

Our team approaches each development opportunity with three principles in mind:

  • Collaboration with your team that is open and built upon a clearly understood objectives
  • Commitment to solving your unique challenges in a way that leads to meaningful results toward the objectives
  • Creativity and an openness to explore new ideas and new ways of doing things


Material Characterization & Testing

Our labs are fitted with state-of-the-art test equipment.

Selection of Testing Capabilities:

  • Impact
  • Tensile Strength & Modulus
  • Flexural Strength & Modulus
  • Shear Strength & Modulus
  • Compressive Strength
  • Glass Transition Temperature (Tg)
  • Dissipation Factor & Relative Permitivity
  • Electric Strength
  • Thermal Analysis
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Designing with Composites